Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson played drums and his brother played guitar growing up in Canton, Mississippi. His drum kit came together very slowly, first a Ludwig part, then something from Slingerland and then finally his own real kit in the early 1980s. Piecing the kit together gave Bill a great appreciation for the value of the drums as well as time to thoroughly understand the uniqueness in each company’s style of making gear. While a traveling salesman, Bill found many opportunities to purchase old drums and hardware, such as at closing music stores or pawn shops. Before he knew it, Bill had amassed a large collection of drums and became an expert of the companies that made them. In 2008, he was hired by Mississippi Music to provide private drum lessons, but soon found himself teaching staff and customers alike about the history of drums for which he has always greatly admired and appreciated.

Interview Date:
May 21, 2019
Job Title:
Drum Expert
Mississippi Music

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