Library - In Memoriam

Remembering oral history interviewees who have passed away.

Ed Hamrick enjoyed playing the drums ever since he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. From that moment on, he played drums and in the early 1970s established his own drum shop outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Lloyd Meyer was the president of Renner US, the world-renowned provider of piano keyboard actions. His long and productive career began with retail experience in Minnesota at the large Dayton Company.

Sharon Brown was a teenager when she first began working for Ted Brown Music.  While in high school she met and began dating the founder’s son, Warren.  Soon she discovered she had a real love for both Warren and the music business.  She ran the record department and after marryi

Carol Jones-Zadel introduced new organs and keyboard products to music dealers around the world for over 50 years.

Conrad Janis played a music store owner on the hit TV sitcom Mork and Mindy. Conrad, who became a trombonist as a teenager, played Mindy’s father, the owner of a musical instrument store set in Colorado.

Jacquelyn Dillon-Krass was a pioneering woman in the music products industry.

Harry Gillum was interviewed for the NAMM Oral History program during the Stay-At-Home Orders for Covid-19 in June 2020. His interview was recorded on Zoom and captured his remarkable career in music retail and his contributions to our industry.

Tom Lee is one of the most famous names in the Asian market of music retail.  With Tom Lee Music stores all around Hong Kong and parts of China, his name has been synonymous with music since the early 1950s.

Sandy Nelson was among the small group of musicians who scored a top ten instrument hit record when he recorded "Teen Beat" in 1959.  The song sold a million copies and paved the way for Sandy to become a well-respected studio musician.  He followed up his first hit with another

Clifton “Fou Fou” Eddie began his career as a big band and jazz drummer but soon discovered he has the skills for the blues and pop music.  He has played with the likes of The Dells, Patti La Belle and Tommy Hunt, along with his dear friend Preston Epps.  After moving from his na