Aspen Pittman

Aspen Pittman grew up in the 1960s as a student of the folk music movement. He studied the art form and performed on every type of string instrument there was to play. During high school he and a buddy got a job delivering organs for a retailer that was just about to open a rock and roll retail shop called Guitar Center. Aspen joined the company within the first six months of its opening and remained in retail until 1973 when he became a sales rep for Acoustic Corp. Over the next several years he outlined goals for his own company, which opened in 1979 called Groove Tubes. He created innovative products from that time until his sudden passing in 2019.  His legacy continues in the friends and the music he made. 

Interview Date:
January 18, 2004
Date of Birth:
August 24, 1948
Deceased Date:
August 9, 2019
Job Title:
Groove Tubes

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