Benny Englund

Benny Englund was a rock and roll singer as a teen when he fell in love with the music industry!  He toured with groups as a roadie and sound engineer.  He also worked for a time for a few record companies and traveled with groups such as the Hollies with Graham Nash and the Rolling Stones.  Benny opened the first music store in Sweden to sell amplifiers and had his own management company at the same time. He later sold the management company to focus on retailing.  His store was one of the early retailers to sell Vox and Marshall Amps as well as pioneering other brands during his career, including Music Man.  Several of the brands he carried asked Benny to distribute their lines, which ushered in another growth area of his business and career.

Interview Date:
January 26, 2013
Job Title:
EM Nordic

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