Bernard Kalban

Bernie Kalban was one of the great veterans of the music publishing industry. Having worked in the era right after Tin Pan Alley, in the Brill Building and with many of the top firms, Bernie witnessed many of the most important changes to the music industry during the 20th century. He began working for Mills Music in 1939 and was there until he was drafted for World War II. He rejoined the company in 1946 and stayed until 1950, when he worked with Charlie Hansen for a decade. He returned to Mills Music for six years when he was hired by Edward B. Marks Music Company in 1966. Bernie stayed with Marks until his retirement.

Interview Date:
September 11, 2003
Date of Birth:
November 22, 1916
Deceased Date:
January 5, 2012
Job Title:
Former Director of Publications
Edward B. Marks Music Co.

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