Charles Ashley

Charles Ashley grew up playing music and teaching private lessons at an early age.  At the same time, he had a paper route and a part time job at the local music store, Brook Mays in Dallas.  Charles has also been very active in the church and music ministries.  While at Brook Mays, Charles met co-worker Richard Rejino and together they worked within the sheet music department, which was a company within the store.  When the owner of the sheet music’s company retired, Richard and Charles bought the business, named it Accent Printed Music and ran it for several years in the many branches of Brook Mays.  When Brook Mays filed for bankruptcy, Richard and Charles lost everything they had in the business because it was all located in the stores.  Not being one to be out for long, Charles pulled himself up and thanks to Richard Gore continued working in the industry at Pender’s Music, where his passion for music continues.

Interview Date:
May 3, 2013
Job Title:
Past President
Accent Printed Music

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