Chuck Foster

This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Chuck Foster was a bandleader's bandleader! During the Big Band Era of the 1930s and 40s, Chuck promoted radio and live performances of up and coming musicians and singers as well as other bandleaders. His interest was to promote the music...and he did! His band, formed in the late 1930s, enjoyed long engagements at several of the country's top ballrooms including Biltmore Bowl in Los Angeles and the Chase Hotel in St. Louis. Chuck reorganized his orchestra after serving in the US Army during World War II. He continued to lead a band up through the 1970s.

Interview Date:
February 28, 1995
Date of Birth:
August 26, 1912
Deceased Date:
December 13, 2001
Job Title:

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