Dave Coontz

Dave Coontz is a regular sight at NAMM Shows each year behind the counter within the Shubb booth and as it turns out, he played a big part in that company’s success.  Rick Shubb was passionate about playing music since he was a child and as he progressed as a musician there were certain ideas he had to help fellow musicians and to improve his own playing.  One such idea was to create a capo for the banjo.  He created a partnership with his friend Dave, the engineer and ideas man, and in 1974 they set out to create “unique products to the highest standard of quality.”  And since that time the two men have not compromised on those ideals.  As a result the Shubb name has become a well-respected brand within the world of music.

Interview Date:
July 18, 2014
Job Title:
Product Engineer
Shubb Capos

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