David Scheirman

David Scheirman serves the AES (Audio Engineering Society) on its Board of Governors, capping a globe-trotting pro sound career that has included over 3,000 shows in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. His audio career has taken him on tour with top-tier artists from the mid-1970s onward.   First realizing he could combine his love of music and sound while in his teens, David juggled schoolwork with weekend gigs in a local rock band while learning how to set up early PA systems. Getting his foot in the door as a truck driver for concert tours, he progressed from setting the gear up, to arena and stadium sound mixing and event system design, eventually transitioning to audio equipment product design and development.  His 40-year association with the AES has been a fulfilling one, as he focuses on audio education and outreach programs to assist entry-level men and women with their careers in sound engineering.   His original passion for learning about acoustics and electronics as a young bass guitarist is still in keeping with his lifelong contributions to the evolution of the concert sound industry.

Interview Date:
March 1, 2016
Job Title:
Vice President

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