Fernando Mendez

Fernando Mendez is happy to speak about the many great things that are part of working for Remo.  As the Lead Supervisor for the Drumhead Department, Fernando is at the heart of the production of Remo’s core products and has been for several decades.   Fernando eloquently speaks about the family environment that exists at Remo that comes from many longtime dedicated employees and its  leaders, Remo Belli and Brock Kaericher. He also speaks about the quality of the products they make, the dedication to that quality and how that quality garners visits from the worlds top drummers and percussionists.  When he reflects on the whole picture of the Remo company he has just described, he aptly sums it up at the end saying, “Wow!”

Interview Date:
December 11, 2014
Job Title:
Lead Supervisor of Drumhead Production
Remo Inc.

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