Gordon McNelly

Gordon McNelly is the Manager for Fields Piano in Santa Ana, California. Fields Piano is the local authorized Steinway dealer, which is a perfect home for Gordon who has been involved with Steinway for most of his professional career. After operating his own piano service/sales business in New Jersey in the 1990s, Gordon worked as a piano technician at Steinway Hall in New York City - before becoming the service manager for the NY Metro area for Steinway. The experience allowed him to work just downstairs from Henry Steinway - whom he often gleaned advice and history as well as established many relationships within Steinway employees that serve him well today as a Steinway dealer. Gordon has also learned the history and method of piano making that Steinway has created over the years, which is a wonderful asset to his customers who take pride the instrument they bring into your homes.

Interview Date:
January 30, 2018
Job Title:
General Manager
Fields Piano

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