Hans-Peter Messner

Hans-Peter Messner’s story begins in Trossingen. After he completed his studies in economics and law, he started working in sales and marketing at his uncle’s company, Hohner, which is known for their accordions and harmonicas. Here Hans-Peter gained experience with the Hohner line of electric pianos and digital sound systems. In 1986, Hans-Peter left Hohner and bought into the GEWA company, which at the time produced and distributed violins and cases in Mittenwald, Bavaria. After the reunification of Germany, Hans-Peter moved the company in 1991 to Adorf which is not far from Markneukirchen and is known for musical instrument production. With the expertise of instrument makers in the area the company expanded the product line to include brass and woodwind instruments. Hans-Peter has traveled regularly to China since 1984 and integrated his experience of the production in Germany overseas. Now about 300 workers produce high-end instruments in Adorf, while more instruments are produced in China at a factory for GEWA with about 1000 employees.

Interview Date:
August 5, 2019
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