Harmon McMurtry

H. C. McMurtry sure knew a lot about the Wurlitzer Company!   Not only did he work for the company for nearly 20 years, he traveled throughout the country, selling the company’s product line to hundreds of music dealers. H. C., known by his nickname, Harmon, served as the national sales rep for the Wurlitzer Company from 1965 until his retirement in 1979. Along the way Harmon witnessed many changes in the industry during his years on the road including the home organ boom of the 1970s and the onset of synthesizers. Like so many former employees who felt a strong family-like tie to the company, Harmon took part in the 2003 Wurlitzer reunion that brought former workers from around the world together to get caught up and reconnect.  

Interview Date:
August 6, 2003
Date of Birth:
January 4, 1918
Deceased Date:
July 14, 2011
Job Title:

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