Harold Moseley

Harold Moseley was hired by Charles Hansen in the 1960s at the height of the legendary music publisher’s innovative career. Harold was on hand when Hansen developed several now standard practices in print music and went to work for Capital Music a wholesaler and distributor of Hansen’s music in Seattle, Washington. Harold later worked with the Big 3 Music Publishers group and stayed with the company through several changes in ownership, including United Artists and EMI. He expressed the thrill of going to the NAMM trade shows and the opportunity the show provided him in getting to meet with other members of the industry, such as his dealers. During the interview, Harold took time to document his incredible experiences in the United States Army’s 83rd Infantry during World War II. The 83rd is historically remembered for its role in the Battle of the Budge, which Harold was a part of.  

Interview Date:
December 7, 2006
Date of Birth:
January 12, 1926
Deceased Date:
December 6, 2011
Job Title:
Big 3 Music Publishing

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