Hyman Peller

Hyman Peller, in 1975, left a corporate job in NJ and moved to upstate, NY. Once there he found employment in a music store, a job for which he says he was unqualified. The owner set about building speaker cabinets to sell wholesale and put Peller in charge of the project. After three years and some modest success, their were not enough resources to move the venture forward. With help from a friend, he became a rep, founding On the Road Marketing and acquiring lines like Audio-Technica, Kramer Guitars and QSC Audio to name a few. In the mid- 80's, Kramer hit it big with help from Floyd Rose and Edward Van Halen and the owners asked Peller to come inside and manage the national sales effort. He put his rep company on hold for a few years to take the job. After three years, Kramer committed all the mistakes a company could make and ultimately closed the doors. Sales were never the problem. It was back to On the Road in the late 80's about the same time Mackie Designs was making its debut and On the Road became the rep in NY and New England. Along with some other great lines the company became successful, but it was not enough. In 1990 Hyman Peller founded Raxxess Metalsmiths, supplying audio racks and rack accessories to music stores and commercial audio suppliers. Approaching retirement, on the Road Marketing was sold in 2004 and five years later, Raxxess too was acquired. Today, the Music and Sound Flyfishing Tour is Hyman's only connection to the industry, not of course including all his industry friends who have joined him for the past 23 years Flyfishing for trout out west.

Interview Date:
May 9, 2017
Job Title:
On the Road Marketing

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