Irwin Rabinowitz

Irwin Rabinowitz was personally hired by Irving Berlin to create the lead plates for the famed songwriter's sheet music. Irwin's craft was hand chiseling each note, each slur, and coda into metal plates that would then allow copies to be published. Although Mr. Rabinowitz's career would extend into the music typewriter and even the computer, he always preferred the old way of hand craftsmanship engraving.  Irwin worked for a time for the Elvis Presley Music Group and several other publishers before his retirement.  For many years he and his wife traveled to Israel to volunteer at area hospitals.  He was on such a trip when he passed away in May 2010.

Interview Date:
September 10, 2003
Date of Birth:
November 10, 1929
Deceased Date:
May 4, 2010
Job Title:

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