Jeri Palumbo

Jeri Palumbo grew up in a very musical family. Like many of her relatives she is a multi-instrumentalist. She developed strong orchestration skills and played in a number of bands ranging from classical to rock. When she was hired as a music arranger on an indie record, she was introduced to the first Fairlight and knew she wanted to have a career that embedded that type of technology. Over the years she became a studio engineer, live sound mixer and RF Tech for several sporting events including The Rose Bowl, NASCAR, NFL and others.  Whenever Jeri can bring her many passions together on one project it is extra meaningful to her. One example is the PBS special “Songs of the Mountains,” a tribute to Bluegrass music which was recorded live, all acoustic, without any electrical amplification.

Interview Date:
January 16, 2020
Job Title:
Audio Engineer

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