Jerry Jackman

Jerry Jackman is proud of the strong ties he has developed by providing choral and orchestral music to the LDS church in his native Utah. As a music publisher, Jerry has focused his efforts on the needs of the Mormon Church and Choirs. When Jerry began working in the music industry in the early 1970s he had both a publishing company and an engraving company, which he later sold. During the time of the engraving company he represented the transition between plate engraving and the use of the new music typewriter. The process was difficult in the early days and required time, talent and great patience with the workflow process. Jerry also took part in the next technological change in print music with the introduction of the computer and music software program. Jackman Music continues to publish new works in piano, orchestral and choral music.  

Interview Date:
April 16, 2010
Job Title:
Jackman Music

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