Joerg Hermsen

Joerg Hermsen began his passion for music playing classical guitar in grade school.  He later picked up the bass and realized he wanted to have a career in music.  While in college he started an internship in the manufacturing side of the music business and Joerg was hooked!  He later joined TEAC in Germany and was involved in the development of tape recordings.  During his seven years at TEAC the company launched its digital recording products, which was a game changer for the industry.  Joerg was right in the middle of the era that saw the transition between analog to digital recorders, especially when he was later involved with Mark 4 Audio.  Through his later involvement with Business To Business technology, Joerg began his relationship with Schmitt Music Center, where his passion for the music industry continues to thrive.

Interview Date:
July 10, 2015
Job Title:
Vice President
Schmitt Music

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