John Wessel

John Wessel was born in Holland and recalled with a stern face his World War II memories of running from the Nazi's. He was just one step ahead of the SS on several occasions. After the war he relocated to America where he found a sponsor in the Estey Organ Company. Before the war John had worked in several organ companies in Europe and brought a depth of knowledge to the Vermont Company. At Estey he was a pipe voicer and pipe organ finisher - when an organ was set up in the church he would revoice and regulate pipes as needed and make sure everything was correct. In 1960 he finished Opus 3261, Estey's last pipe organ. He worked for Estey until they closed the same year. He continued on his own repairing instruments in and around New England. John's was a remarkable story of courage, inner strength and of passion for music.

Interview Date:
October 15, 2011
Date of Birth:
November 15, 1922
Deceased Date:
January 7, 2014
Job Title:
Former Factory Worker
Estey Organ Company

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