Larry Manley

Larry Manley first met the former CEO for NAMM, Larry (Link) Linkin, while he was working at a bank in Escondido, California where Link held NAMM's business accounts. It was during a time when NAMM was growing and Link thought it was a good time to elevate and strengthen NAMM's financial staff, and bring NAMM's financial forecasting and reporting in-house from the accounting firm that was handling it at the time. Larry was hired in 1994 as NAMM’s first CFO and over the years proved to be a key asset for the trade association as well as the NAMM Foundation’s Museum of Making Music, the NAMM Foundation and countless projects that have resulted in growth for NAMM over the years. It was a perfect fit for both Larry and NAMM, as it combined Larry's passion for music with his finance and accounting expertise. Larry has also come to represent the team spirit so often credited to the NAMM staff, his passion and worth ethic have been beneficial to both the NAMM membership and the NAMM staff.

Interview Date:
April 15, 2015
Job Title:
Former CFO

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