Les Deutsch

Les Deutsch is a Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) scientist in the aerospace industry who holds several patents for electronic musical instruments. His father, Ralph Deutsch, invited the sound generator technology for the first digital organ. That instrument, produced by Allen Organ and first shown at the NAMM Show in the early 1970s, opened the door to personal keyboards and synthesizers which use the same principals. While in graduate school, Les was issued several patents, many of which were used by the Kawai company. His work with Kawai includes creating controlled harmonics for the K5 synthesizer and the assignment system for the DX1800. It is interesting to note that his father came up with term “digital excitement” for which Kawai and other companies used the letters (DX) in some of their product names. Les is also a noted musician who played organ for many churches and synagogues as well as trumpet, piano and tuba for several Dixieland Jazz bands including the Hot Frogs Jumping Jazz Band.

Interview Date:
May 7, 2021
Job Title:
Product Engineer, Scientist

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