Mark Guerrero

Mark Guerrero has had a passion for music ever since he was a young boy growing up in East Los Angeles. His father was singer/songwriter Lalo Guerrero, who inspired a generation of Chicano musicians. Growing up, Mark was surrounded by a wide variety of music both in his home and in the community, and began playing the guitar at age 12. With some of his school friends he formed the band Mark & The Escorts in 1963 originally playing surf instrumentals. In 1965 the band recorded two singles “Get Your Baby,” and “Dance With Me.” Between live gigs and recording, Mark found time to get a degree in Chicano studies from California State University, Los Angeles, which encouraged him to understand and share the story of his musical roots. In 1972 he wrote and recorded the song "I'm Brown," which proudly told of his Chicano heritage in a way that displayed his musical passion. Mark continues his work chronicling the history of East L.A. and Chicano music and sharing his talent though live performances, lectures, and podcasts.  

Interview Date:
September 5, 2019
Job Title:
Musician, Guitarist

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