Masashi Miyazawa

Masashi Miyazawa formed the Miyazawa Flutes Company in 1969. Mr. Miyazawa founded the company with a dream to create a better instrument. With his background in the design and manufacture of professional flutes, Miyazawa successfully brought together traditional craftsmanship with advanced technologies, a principle which still applies today. In the 1970s he and Iowa retailer Pearl West collaborated to tailor the Miyazawa flute to meet the needs of North American flutists. Through their combined research and extensive analysis, many innovations resulted such as the formulation of new alloys, the widest collection of headjoints and the Miyazawa Improved Scale. Mr. Miyazawa was interviewed for the NAMM Oral History program in the months following the 40th anniversary of the flute company.  

Interview Date:
January 14, 2010
Job Title:
Miyazawa Flute

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