Mathew Schirado

Mathew Schirado can tell you the first music store he ever entered. As a kid he went into Eckroth Music in Bismarck, North Dakota, with his parents when he first joined the school band. When he was 18 he returned to purchase some reeds and saw a job opening, which he pursued. Beginning on a part-time basis Mathew began working in the business office and was mentored early on by Jeff Eckroth, the son of the founders. Jeff encouraged Mathew and fostered his interest and skills in computers, which led to Mathew upgrading the company’s network and its website. In 2021 Mathew was appointed president of Eckroth Music and under his leadership he focuses on what he believes is at the center of the company’s success, the caring and family-like feeling of the staff.

Interview Date:
June 4, 2022
Job Title:
Eckroth Music

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