Norbert Stumpf

Norbert Stumpf was elected the mayor of Bubenreuth in 2014 and actively promotes the legacy of his town as an important center for stringed instrument production. At the end of World War II, hundreds of families involved in the production of stringed instruments settled in Bubenreuth. Even though the heyday of instrument production may be over, and companies such as Höfner and Framus have moved on, the tradition, with luthiers and bow makers as well as suppliers working in Bubenreuth is alive. Norbert Stumpf’s grandfather worked at Winter, a company that produces bags and cases for the music industry. Norbert values the traditions and plans to expand the Bubenreutheum, a museum in town that celebrates the luthiers of Bubenreuth and their rich history. 

Interview Date:
April 12, 2018
Job Title:
Mayor of Bubenreuth

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