Otto Werner

Otto Werner grew up surrounded by music. His dad, a violin maker in Schönbach, produced violins at home and sold them in Markneukirchen while his aunt worked at Junger Company, the main producer of strings in Schönbach. After 1946, she resettled first in Tennenlohe, then in Bubenreuth once the Junger Company was able to reestablish production in West Germany following WWII. A young Otto went to visit his relatives in Bubenreuth when his Uncle Josef Glaßl, who had established a business producing tuning pegs, suggested he could stay with them and learn the craft of wood working. After his uncle died, Otto’s aunt led the company until 1986 when Otto took over. Otto Werner Wirbelerzeugung produced wooden tuning pegs until 2006 when he decided to retire and close the business.

Interview Date:
April 13, 2018
Date of Birth:
September 21, 1937
Deceased Date:
March 12, 2021
Job Title:
Senior Director
Glaßl Co.

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