Richard (R.C.) Allen

R.C. Allen was a guitar luthier that used the style of his many friends of the era in the early 1950s in Southern California when guitar innovators were reshaping the instrument and grooming it for a new birth. RC was building his own unique instruments when Leo Fender and Lowell Kiesel of Carvin were also just starting out. RC was influenced greatly by his dear friend Paul Bigsby who worked for Merle Travis on one of the most historic electric guitars of the era.  RC loved the music industry and was proud of the many friends he gained over his life.  He also enjoyed the history of the music industry and played a key role in the expansion of this collection in covering small shop luthiers.  RC passed away just a day after his 80th birthday in 2014.

Interview Date:
May 17, 2003
Date of Birth:
February 28, 1934
Deceased Date:
March 2, 2014
Job Title:

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