Richard Grünke

Richard Grünke of Richard Grünke & Söhne GmbH which is located close to Bubenreuth produces high quality bows. Richard’s sons, Klaus and Thomas, run the business today but their father is still active in the workshop. Richard learned the craft of bow making in Markneukirchen at H.R. Pfretzschner before he started working in 1952 for Roederich Paesold in Bubenreuth. Richard then received his master craftsman examination in 1957 and refined his artistic excellence over the years. In 1975 his oldest son Klaus asked his father to teach him the craft of bow making. After purchasing a defunct bowmaker’s workshop in Bubenreuth a family business was born. The beginning years were challenging but with perseverance and then having Thomas join the team, the business is now thriving.  

Interview Date:
April 13, 2018
Job Title:
Richard Grünke & Söhne GmbH

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