Rudy Pensa

Rudy Pensa formed Rudy’s Music on 48th Street in New York City. It is a favorite for musicians and tourists alike. Beginning in the 1970s Rudy came to America from his native Argentina with a suitcase and a dream to be a part of the music industry. The very doorway that he first stepped through was into the building that became Rudy’s Music within the decade. He often recalls that he started with only a few guitars, but they were each of quality. Since that time he has established a world-wide reputation and is a favorite among musicians who travel through New York and stop for a repair or for the latest gear. Rudy also designed Pensa Guitars, his own brand name, which continues to be hand made in his shop.


Interview Date:
February 27, 2008
Job Title:
Rudy's Music, Pensa Guitars

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