Simon Jones

Simon Jones has a rich background with the guitar, which has come full circle with his role with the Yamaha Guitar Group. As a teenager he played, and even built his own guitar to play with his friends. He continued to play in college and took an interesting path within the pro audio and recording fields first by working for EMI, taking him to experience the mobile studio in Norway and jobs at Abbey Road Studios in London. For a time Simon worked closely with David Martin, the founder of Martin Audio, on sound reinforcement technology and helped launch the first company’s club speakers.  In 1995 Simon was hired by JBL and later worked with the TC Group, RKS Guitars and Line 6. When Yamaha purchased Line 6 in 2014, Simon focused on marketing of the guitar gear, which would later include the Ampeg line as well as the Yamaha guitar line. He proudly oversees many projects near and dear to his passion for the guitar and enjoys the team he is a part of.

Interview Date:
November 11, 2021
Job Title:
Vice President of Marketing
Yamaha Guitar Group

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