Steven Raft

Steven Raft was the CFO of Alfred Music for several years.  Steven grew up in Montreal, Canada and he had an early start working in the music industry: as a teenager he was a manager for community dances which used Cerwin-Vega! loudspeakers.  After completing college in California, Steven worked at a Los Angeles area CPA firm and the first client he worked on was Cerwin-Vega!  Steven also worked on the development of a private foundation that was a Grammy Award winning jazz record label as a side project for the founder. In 1998 Steven joined Cerwin-Vega! as CFO and ultimately lead the team on the sale of the company to Stanton Magnetics in 2002.  He left the company in 2004 and worked in other industries until Ron Manus at Alfred Music asked him to join his team as CFO in late 2012.  Steven has enjoyed coming into a well-established 92 year old company and working with Ron and the executive team on retooling the company for at least the next 90 years.


Interview Date:
September 3, 2014
Job Title:
Former CFO
Alfred Music

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