Toni Fishman

Toni Fishman has always been fascinated with innovative microphones. Once he began collecting and researching microphones, he discovered some very unique characteristics of the ones he liked the most in terms of clarity and balance. In 1998 he opened Vintage Tones out of his home as a retailer. He noticed other musicians sought the same type of units he liked and appreciated. Toni set out to make a replica of those old microphones and in the process established Telefunken USA. While creating his company, Toni felt driven by the human connection he saw within the music community and sought opportunities to unite the industry to work together. Toni uses the term "giving out good vibes" when he describes what he really wants to achieve with his company. And he has!

Interview Date:
September 29, 2021
Job Title:
CEO & Founder
Telefunken USA

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