Walter Paulus

Walter Paulus is president of Werner Paulus GmbH, which is located not far from the town of Bubenreuth and produces bow parts of the finest quality. Starting in 1920, Walter’s father-in-law, Otto Müller, was supplying bow frogs for bow makers in the region of Schönbach and Markneukirchen. After World War II, most Germans had to leave the Czech Republic while some workers that were essential for making music instruments were held back and recruited to work in the newly established government-controlled Cremona stringed instrument production. Walter Paulus and his wife, Angela, worked at Cremona in leading positions until they and Otto Müller were allowed to move from Schönbach to West Germany in 1967. The family settled in the region of Bubenreuth and established Paulus Bows, selling bow frogs all over the world.

Interview Date:
April 13, 2018
Job Title:
Werner Paulus Company

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