Zeb Billings

Zeb Billings opened Billings Pianos in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1956 beginning a long and celebrated career in the music industry.  With great success as a retailer, Zeb branched out into publishing when he saw the need to include packets of sheet music in the bench of every piano sold.  The idea and others led to Billings Publishing, which he would later sell to Hal Leonard.  Following in his footsteps is his son Greg Billings, who operated the Steinway dealership in Naples, Florida and his grandson Grant, who operates a store in Madison, Wisconsin.


Interview Date:
February 8, 2004
Date of Birth:
October 26, 1930
Deceased Date:
December 6, 2010
Job Title:
Billings Music Store and Billings Publishing, Founder
Billings Music Store and Billings Publishing

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