Eileen Tan

7 Notes

A musician at heart; Eileen has dedicated her adult life to mastering the art of pedagogy and turning her dreams of building a music school into reality. A doting mother, entrepreneur, pianist, yogi and self professed ‘Music Nerd’

Eileen obtained a Masters in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Toronto.  Then, with the dream of opening a music school set firmly in her sights, she embarked on a career as a piano teacher.

Always on the lookout for ways to improve her teaching, it wasn’t long before Eileen’s work confirmed her 2 main suspicions:

1.       Parental involvement is pivotal to a student’s success.

2.       The home environment simply isn’t conducive to effective learning.


So, driven by her love of music and belief that the fundamental skills her teaching imparts transcends musical success, she set upon creating an environment that would foster development in all areas of her young student’s lives.


In 2001 she opened her first music school - 88 Keys - where she spent the next 12 years growing the business and further developing her teaching techniques. Then, in 2013, now fed up with Toronto’s relentless winters and ready for her next adventure, she took a giant leap of faith - selling the school  and journeying to Texas, where she would set up her second school - 7 Notes (ranked #319 in the Top 360 Small Businesses in America by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2018) which she continues to run (under the Yamaha Music Education System Curriculum) to this day.


What’s really stands out about the success of Eileen’s business’ is that pretty much all of her growth has taken place without the utilization of social media. One might argue that she doesn’t need it, but, having joined her contemporaries on the world’s largest marketing platforms in only 2016, she has already built an impressive online presence, with thousands of loyal fans subscribed to her Facebook page, and her self-made,tongue-in-cheek Youtube videos collectively fetching hundreds of thousands of views. Indeed, Eileen’s videos allude to more than just her highly playful nature, they help deliver her message- that learning music should be both fun and motivating. 


Now developing a career in public speaking and consultancy, Eileen is a true force to be reckoned with, and one that shows no signs of taking her foot off the gas any time soon.