Two years ago, Amro Music sought to revolutionize its customer experience for the next decade. In this session, Amro Music President CJ Averwater shares the actionable steps the company took to achieve this. Discover how to bolster your customer experience with deeper employee engagement and core values that stick. (This session originally aired during NAMM Believe in Music Week in January 2021.)
Few know what must be done to adapt to new COVID-era realities like Bob Phibbs, an internationally recognized business strategist. And in this special session for Believe in Music, Phibbs shared his outlook on the state of retail and, more importantly, how to succeed in the new “next.” (This session originally aired during NAMM Believe in Music Week in January 2021.)
If we can find new, personal ways to bring the in-store experience into customers’ homes, we can look forward to building upon last year’s successes and creating a bright future for our companies. Here, James Harding, director of sales and marketing for Riverton Piano, shares five simple ways to bring your in-store culture to your website and online presence. He covers everything from product pages to video to web chat.
Do you want to increase your software sales using the XCHANGE platform? Then discover best practices directly from XCHANGE President Ray Williams. In this video, he shares power tips for boosting your software business via XCHANGE, covering everything from optimizing your website and working with vendors to training your team.
Contactless payments are a digital payment that uses the technology and security of a mobile device to securely communicate the customer’s payment information to a merchant without making physical contact. Contactless payments also remove the threat of cross-contamination. Smartphones, smartwatches, other wearable technology and contactless-enabled credit or debit cards can all be used for this form of payment. Here, Sarah McKee of Chosen Payments explains how it works.
At The 2020 NAMM Show, Gayle Beacock of Beacock Music led a fast-moving panel of music retail stars who weighed in on how they’ve found new business-growth opportunities in school music and rentals. They looked at everything from opening new and satellite locations to untapped revenue streams to acquiring businesses and more. Don’t miss the chance to hear from veterans who’ve found growth when it didn’t seem likely—or possible.
How do you navigate reopening your music retail business in the time of COVID-19? Following up on his popular NAMM U webinar, Bob Phibbs (aka, The Retail Doctor) returned for an online session on May 7 about reopening a music retail business in the new normal. He looked at what you need to plan for, rethink and buy to reopen your doors.
In this NAMM U session, Will Mason of Mason Music covers four simple but incredibly effective techniques that will help you better train and empower your team to run the business for you. Mason leads a team of 60 people at four different locations, and he attributes his company’s growth to developing this team to lead. Discover how to step out of the daily grind and focus on the big picture, creating opportunity for long-term planning, goal setting and business growth.
Robert Christie, president of A & G Central Music, took home NAMM’s Dealer of the Year Award in 2017, in large part because of how he’s built the retailer into an indie school music powerhouse. Here, he shares 20-plus years of lessons learned to help you grow your own school music business. Christie looks at how to keep a rental program new and relevant and make it a service your customers can’t live without.
How do you create and retain great employees? How do you keep them consistently performing at their very best? It starts with your company culture, and more than ever before, it’s critical to the success of your business. In this session, Jimmy Edwards of Marshall Music offers five proven strategies that he’s used to maximize morale, job performance and retention at his seven-store retail chain.