Are you looking for a fun, creative way to connect with your current customers and reach new ones? Look no further than TikTok, the video social networking platform with more than 1 billion global users. In this session from 2022 Believe in Music, Melissa Loggins, owner of Music Authority, and her team will show you how to use TikTok to spotlight products, show off teachers in your music lesson program and innovatively connect to your customers.
Artificial Intelligence session
How are artificial intelligence and artificial creativity impacting artists, musicians and content creators? Find out in this fascinating, future-forward discussion hosted by A3E (Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange), as an expert panel explores how these technologies are influencing their craft. They’ll look at how content creators are using AI in the creative process, when problem-solving and to assist with production.
There’s no doubt that the right artist or video can trigger a sale, and driving new business through talent and product reviews doesn’t have to be limited to large companies. In this session from 2022 Believe in Music, artist-relations and marketing expert Dennis Stafford of Organiksol Marketing shared vital insights into new ways you can leverage artists, bands and influencers to drive sales.
If you’re not harnessing text-message marketing, you’re missing out on powerful opportunities to get in front of the people you most want to reach. In this session from 2022 Believe in Music, Sean Lewis of Tier Level Digital Marketing looked at how text-messaging strategies and campaigns can be extremely effective for driving revenue and business growth. He shared proven ideas for successful text campaigns, looking at different platform resources.
In this NAMM U Online video session, author and columnist Bob Popyk looks at selling pianos online, exploring everything from bringing keyboard buyers into your store through social media to marketing pianos through your website. He's joined by website specialist Tom Folenta and Tim Paul of Piano Trends Music & Band.
Are you looking to increase your music lesson sign-ups, both locally and globally? Ayana Webb of The Musical Webb has grown her online piano program to more than 9,000 total online students by leveraging Facebook ads. During this session from 2022 Believe in Music, she covered best practices for setting up your ad, choosing the best audiences and crafting the right messaging for those audiences.
Social media and online marketing are changing faster than ever. So, what should you prioritize to succeed? In this session from 2022 Believe in Music, marketing expert Tracy Hoeft of Amplify 11 answers that question. With a focus on social media, digital ads and content creation, this presentation will give you insights that you can use and benefit from in the coming year.
How can you drive more piano buyers into your store? In this NAMM U Online video session, author and columnist Bob Popyk explores that question and looks at successful promotional ideas with Sandy Boyce and Frank Harvey of Piano Distributors, Bob Carbone of Piano & Organ Center and website specialist Tom Folenta.
Presented By Bill Sebald
How do the largest and most successful music companies get top rankings on Google? What does it mean to you and your business? On November 30, search engine optimization expert Bill Sebald of Greenlane presented this special NAMM U webinar to answer those questions. Gain insider knowledge of what it takes to succeed with your SEO strategy, whether you're a retailer or a brand.
Discover how can values-based marketing can elevate your music business. In this article, Dennis Stafford of Organiksol Marketing explains how it works and shares four ways to get started with a values-based marketing strategy. He also looks at how values-based marketing increased one company's revenues by ten-fold.