Official NAMM Statement Regarding 7/20 Opryland Car Bomb Incident: 2004 NAMM Summer Session Safe for All Attendees

July 21, 2004

Just before midnight on July 20, 2004, an unidentified male was killed in a car explosion in an outer construction site parking lot at the Opryland Hotel and Resort, more than 10 miles away from downtown Nashville and the site of the 2004 NAMM Summer Session.

NAMM has been in contact with local authorities, who say the blast may have been the result of a homemade car bomb and there is no reason to suspect terrorism at this time.

NAMM, under the advice of local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, does not anticipate the event, which happened outside of the city, having any impact on the show. NAMM has established a special hotline at 615.345.6500 to answer any questions or concerns show attendees may have about this situation.

NAMM will report any new information on this story as it comes in.