Where are the "Best 100 Communities for Music Education" in America?

Online Submissions for Nationwide Assessment Accepted

December 4, 2006

Numerous research studies continue to reveal the positive relationship between music education and success in school and life. The American Music Conference (AMC) seeks to recognize and celebrate, through a nationwide survey, communities committed to creating opportunities for music education.

Visiting the American Music Conference (www.amc-music.org) on the Web is the first step in finding out why the survey is important.

The eighth annual “Best 100 Communities for Music Education” survey is currently accepting online submissions, and will remain open through January 23. The survey, which can be completed by visiting AMC on the Web at www.amc-music.org, is open to anyone—parents, teachers, school administrators, community members—who wishes to enter information about their school and community.

Since 2000, the “Best 100” survey has assessed a community’s actions and commitment to music through budget, staffing, variety of programs, instructor certification, availability of private instruction and other criteria. The results are measured proportionally, so that communities of different sizes are compared on an equal footing. The survey’s sponsors encourage people to complete the survey themselves, or pass it along to school administrators and independent educators in their communities who may best be able to provide the required data.

“Music education is integral to a quality education and a child’s education is really not complete without music,” says Mary Luehrsen, director of public affairs and government relations for NAMM, the International Music Products Association. “Research tells us that music education builds strong bridges to success in school and in life. The ‘Best 100’ survey highlights communities in America that are committed to creating opportunities for music education for children and young people.”

Following an audit of the preliminary data, the 2007 “Best 100” communities will be released at the end of February 2007.

In conducting the annual survey, AMC is joined by a partnership of key organizations in the fields of music and education:

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (www.mhopus.org)
The Metropolitan Opera Guild (www.operaed.org)
The Music for All Foundation (www.music-for-all.org)
Music Teachers National Association (www.mtna.org)
NAMM, the International Music Products Association (www.namm.org)
National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts (www.nationalguild.org)
National School Boards Association (www.nsba.org)
Perseus Development Corp. (www.perseus.com)
Yamaha Corporation of America (www.yamaha.com)
VH1 Save The Music Foundation (www.vh1savethemusic.com).