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Believe in Music Brand Opportunities Webinar

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

10 am PT

Elizabeth Dale

NAMM Member KHS America has donated $100,000 worth of musical instruments to Waverly Junior High and High School to revive their school music programs after a devastating flood swept through their Tennessee community.

In August 2021, heavy rains culminated in a flash flood across western Tennessee. In 12 hours, five counties received up to a quarter of the normal annual precipitation, totaling ten to 15 inches. Much of the torrential rainfall flowed along the Trace Creek, causing swells to fall on the city of Waverly and destroying hundreds of homes and businesses, and flooding Waverly Junior High and High School. With the surge of floodwaters sweeping through the schools, officials have commented that the only saving grace of the disaster was that it had not occurred on a school day, as rescue efforts would have been nearly impossible.

In November, KHS America, alongside 22-time GRAMMY® Award winner Vince Gill, singer/songwriter Alex Hall, and the Country Music Association (CMA) Foundation, visited Waverly Central High School to present students with new instruments. The project arose from the long-standing collaborative efforts of KHS America and the CMA Foundation. The duo has worked on endeavors that supply quality musical instruments to support music education including, supporting charitable organizations like Little Kids Rock, United Sound, Save The Music, and the W.O. Smith School. When Gill heard of the efforts from the CMA Foundation, he felt it was important not only to get involved with the project but to personally meet and talk with students about the importance of music and the difference it makes in students’ lives.

“One of the core values of KHS America is that as a company, ‘We believe that music is an essential part of life for every individual and that it provides a contribution to society as a whole.’ This donation mirrors our core value, and it is the reason we do what we do”, says Rick DeJonge, KHS America Artist and Educator Relations Manager. The relief efforts in Waverly are just one of the long list of donations KHS America and its partners have made. Past charitable projects include $15,000 worth of woodwinds to replace instruments that were destroyed by a truck, a $60,000 donation with Harry Connick Jr. to Central High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after floods destroyed their instruments; $55,000 worth of instruments provided alongside the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Foundation to schools in the Bahamas who were impacted by a hurricane; and a $40,000 endowment of instruments to Paradise, California after a fire ravished the community.

KHS America hopes to inspire other NAMM Members to get involved with communities impacted by disasters. DeJonge offers this advice, “We encourage others wishing to provide support to partner with a local retailer. Their existing relationships will make it easier to work closely with the school and affiliated parent organizations to create a well-rounded effort for supporting music education in the community. At KHS America, this is a fundamental aspect of our ‘Academic Alliance’ program and is critical to facilitating such endeavors.”

For more information from KHS America, please visit them at https://khs-america.com/.

Images Courtesy of Stephanie McKendrick

Elizabeth Dale

In July, four major music trade publications welcomed new owner, Mike Lawson. The change in ownership of School Band & Orchestra (SBO), Musical Merchandise Review (MMR), JAZZed, and Choral Director became effective with the August 2021 issue of each publication.

For over 30 years, Lawson has served the music industry by publishing numerous books, videos, periodicals, directory, and software works, working with publishers like Alfred Music Publishing, artistpro.com, Hal Leonard, MIXBooks, Thomson Learning, and Thomas Nelson. Despite his lifelong desire to become a musician, it wasn’t an easy road. As a child, his family could not afford an instrument for him, so Lawson worked at an early age cutting grass and performing odd jobs to save up enough cash to purchase a guitar. As he grew, he studied music magazines and books to learn as much as he could about gear and the art of musicianship.

Lawson honed his skills and spent years performing in clubs, colleges, frat houses, and other venues around the southeast of America. In 1991, he relocated to Nashville and opened an office on the famed “Music Row” and was intent on applying his unique history studying music publications as a child to try to break into music publishing.

Mike Lawson

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By 1992, Lawson introduced “The Entertainment Source Library,” an industry legal contract software, and founded the “Music Industry Forum,” the first digital promotional downloads of 30-second sound bites of music releases from top record labels. During this time, Lawson worked alongside icons like Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane), Thomas Dolby, Robbie Kreiger (The Doors), Lou Reed, and Bob Welch. In late 1993, he sold the rights to his software product to Act III Media, the publisher of MIX magazine, transitioning to product marketing for Gibson.

In 1996, Lawson was recruited to MIX magazine and its related entities to help establish MIXBooks. While working for MIX Lawson found success outside of the office, serving on the Board of Governors of The Recording Academy, rising to serve as a trustee for the national organization. He also had the opportunity to continue performing, playing with local legends Merl Saunders and members of the Grateful Dead, Tower of Power, Jerry Garcia Band, and Legion of Mary.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Lawson acquired book imprints and a catalog of works by partnering with CMG, Recoding Industry Sourcebook, and Publicitas to launch artistpro.com. The website became the first to host community forums hosted by GRAMMY® winners who advised members on audio production. Before his June 2021 purchase of School Band & Orchestra (SBO), Musical Merchandise Review (MMR), JAZZed, and Choral Director, Lawson was part of the editorial staff.

Lawson has also shown substantial achievement in his philanthropic endeavors. In 1997, he became involved in Technology in Music Education (TI:ME), a non-profit funded with a grant from The NAMM Foundation. While on the organization's advisory board, Lawson published books by educators which addressed how to modernize how music was taught in schools. He also volunteered with The Recording Academy as part of the A&N Committee until 2009 and served on the Board of Directors for The TEC Foundation before it joined The NAMM Foundation. In 2011, Lawson joined TI:ME as its executive director and helped the organization grow its professional development opportunities, a position he still holds.

For additional Oral Histories, please visit www.namm.com/library, and to learn more about artistpro.com Publishing, please visit https://artistpro.com/.

Shipping Webinar: Delivery Delays and Other Updates

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Shipping Webinar: Delivery delays and other updates

Experts Weigh in on the Shipping Crisis, Offer Tips on How to Navigate Transportation Delays and Rising Costs

Disruptions in the availability of shipping containers and routes, backlogged ports, trucking shortages, and warehouse storage fees are causing major issues for music, pro audio and live event product manufacturers, distributors, retailers and, ultimately, for consumers who face delivery delays and increased pricing on goods. NAMM Public Affairs gathered a panel of international shipping experts for a webinar to get to the bottom of this complicated and multifaceted crisis. Host Mary Luehrsen, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations engaged Jonathan Gold, VP Supply Chain and Customs Policy, National Retail Federation, Karyn Booth, Partner and Practice Group Leader, Thompson Hine LLP and general counsel for the National Industrial Transportation League, and Armin Zertor and Carley Jones with Masterpiece International in a conversation that covers the origins of the current shipping backlog, explains where it currently stands, and provides suggestions for how to mitigate delays in receiving products from overseas. 

Suggestions for Getting Products from Overseas

  • Stagger your warehouse staff hours, incentivize the warehouse staff, and document flow to facilitate faster unload and reload.
  • Advanced bookings, especially for time sensitive cargo, anticipate the possibility of delays with flights and sailing schedules. The sooner you book your freight the better. Do not wait. When you have freight coming planning on returning after and event or repair, make the return booking in advance as well. Bookings can be updated and amended, better to secure space when possible.
  • Be creative with your bookings, consider alternative P.O.D, for example, freight coming from EU, it may be more beneficial to consider an east coast P.O.D. and then route the ultimate destination via truck. Keeping in mind that trucking shortages are also a real issue, so it’s important to schedule the trucking in advance as well. The more notice we can give the vendors the better. Have a backup plan.
  • Consider Air freight as an option vs sea freight when possible.
  • Exhibitors from Europe and Middle East have the option to ship only to USA East Coast or Gulf ports and then cargo can be trucked to Anaheim.
  • Shipments from Asia can be shipped to less congested ports such as Oakland, Seattle or Portland and trucked to Anaheim.
  • The general service contractor will store your cargo 30 days in advance.
  • The international freight forwarder will set up a storage program for minimal fees so that early shipping can be accommodated.

Take Action

  1. View "Shipping Webinar: Delays and Other Updates."
  2. Read Webinar Transcript.
  3. Contact your representatives now and tell them to help ease supply chain disruptions by cosponsoring the Ocean Shipping Reform Act using the National Retail Federation's OSRA21 Grassroots Tool.  
  4. File a complaint with the Federal Maritime Commission.
  5. Communicate with your entire supply chain, including manufacturers, shippers, carriers, and storage facilities about your needs and deadlines.


H.R.4996 - Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021

National Retail Federation Press Release

Slate, “The Absolute Simplest Explanation for America’s Supply Chain Woes." 

The New York Times, The Daily Podcast, “The Great Supply Chain Disruption.




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2021 NAMM Top 100 Dealer Awards

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37th Annual American Eagle Awards

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Music City Center, Level 3, Hall B, NAMM Event Center (Booth 161)

The National Music Council will honor iconic a cappella group Take 6, and pay tribute to music educators across America for their extraordinary service during the pandemic, at the organization’s 37th annual American Eagle Awards, presented in the Event Center at Summer NAMM. The honors are presented each year in recognition of those who have made long-term contributions to American musical culture, to showcase the ideal of music education for all children, and to support the protection of creators’ rights both locally and internationally.

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