ReVoicing the Future

What do running a mastering business and vinyl pressing plant have in common?
Join Natalie, as she sits down with Erin Kessler, Marketing Director at Maple Leaf Strings and Vice President of NAMM Young Professionals. Erin shares her journey growing up in the music products industry, how joining the army made a profound impact on her life, and most importantly how she found her own confidence through comedy and improv.
In this crossover conversation, the teams behind the music industry podcasts True Peak Hour and ReVoicing the Future sit down to discuss the nuances of self advocacy, what the independent and in-house sides of the music business can learn from each other, and how we all met, all thanks to the renaissance of resources for women in music today.
In celebration of Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, ReVoicing the Future teamed up with JAM Industries to shine a light on some of the women behind the company. Join Natalie for a journey into the careers of Terri Shaw, Director of Sales for KMC Music & Davitt & Hanser, and Leann Ryan, Director of Product Development of The Music People.
Join Natalie and Steph for a fascinating conversation with Krista Gilley, Director of Brands at Gibson. Krista shares her journey from the world of sports to music, what each world can learn from each other, and what a 'Director of Brands' does every day.
This month on ReVoicing the Future, fresh off her Idea Center Session “How to Create an Online Journey That Turns Followers Into Buyers” at NAMM 2023, get to know Kenya Moses, vocalist, author, knowledge sharer, and founder of ConsciousMark marketing agency and CM Artist Management.
A senior-year thesis project turned into a movement that celebrates women in music production. Natalie & Stephanie sit down with Ebonie Smith, music producer, audio engineer, and founder of Gender Amplified.
Gennifer Dusold became store manager for Brighton Music Center at just 23 years old.
Say hello to Leanne Chu, the Director of Supplier Operations at Gator Cases. For Leanne, mentorship and education have become two major driving forces in shaping her career.
Joining the #ReVoicingTheFuture table is none other than the President of Manley Labs, EveAnna Manley.
Joining us on this episode of ReVoicing the Future, all the way in London is Heather Farr Edwards, Director of Brand & Communications at Reverb.
Before becoming Founder/Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation, Michelle Moog-Koussa lived a very different life, but that all changed after her father passed away and the Bob Moog Foundation was born.