Can-Do Musos Music Fest Inspires the World

Elizabeth Dale

In May, Can-Do Musos The NAMM Show TEC Tracks presenter and non-profit presented a livestream event featuring performances from musicians living with disabilities.

The non-profit was first conceptualized in 2013 when three musicians discussed the frustrations of being a musician with a disability and the challenges of being accepted as a musician and getting a fair shake in the industry. Founders Andrew Hewitt, Mike Mignogna, and David Segal, alongside “Drumming’s Global Ambassador,” Dom Famularo, and Los Angeles drummer, Joe Hardy (a 2014 board addition) are committed to effecting change in the way people perceive a musician with any disability by providing “guidance and hope to all musicians with challenges.” Since 2018, Can-Do Musos has grown to support 341 musicians from 34 countries, with members ranging from novice players to touring professionals.

Can-Do Musos About Us

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In May, Can-Do Musos facilitated a livestream event featuring two and a half hours of performances from 60 musicians from 20 countries. Hewitt said, “We decided to put together the Can-Do Musos music fest to do something positive given the COVID-19 restrictions in place. We wanted to show uplifting and inspirational performances from all over the world.” Originally planned as a Zoom show, the organization quickly realized the best way to organize a large amount of content from contributors across multiple time zones was on YouTube.

Can-Do Musos Musicfest

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Famularo remarked on the great honor it was to hold the music fest and nodded to the organization's desire to make the program an annual event, even with the possibility of future live events.

  • It was an absolute honor and privilege to perform at the 2021 Can-Do Musos Music Fest. I look forward to collaborating again with some new tunes from my upcoming album.

    Sophia Fletcher (Australia)

  • Can-Do Musos echoes the voice of people who endeavor to remind the world, through their musical instruments and songs, to love and respect all people.

    Ms. Maryam Gilasian, conductor of the Special Orchestra of Iran

  • Thank you, Can-Do Musos, for this wonderful opportunity. It was a great honor to be a part of this festival.

    The Mix (Germany)

  • I am greatly honored to have participated in Can-Do Musos Music Fest. Everyone was so incredible, both regarding their talent and their love of music.

    Tulio Fuzato "The Amputee Drummer" (Brazil)

Segal encourages NAMM Members to get involved, saying, “I think Member companies should be open to sponsoring or encouraging Can-Do Musos members to get involved in some of their company promotions and events, as well as by donating to the organization at”

Can-Do Musos have held a longstanding presence at The NAMM Show, where the organization has hosted an annual panel at TEC Tracks. The panel features Can-Do Musos members discussing their stories and how they have overcome adversity in the industry, all while highlighting that talent comes before any disability. In 2017, members of the organization performed at The NAMM Show with 12 musicians from four countries, and in 2019, on the Arena Plaza Stage. Founder, Hewitt and Can-Do Musos are looking forward to returning to The 2022 NAMM Show with more music.

For more information about Can-Do Musos, please visit