Bonzai Beat with Lisa Loeb

Mr. Bonzai

In this edition of the Bonzai Beat, GRAMMY® award-winning singer and songwriter Lisa Loeb sat down with Mr. Bonzai to discuss her foray into writing and performing children’s music, her love of summer camp, iconic eyewear, and answered what it means to be a songwriter.

Bonzai Beat with Lisa Loeb

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Born in Dallas, Texas, Loeb who also counts actor, SiriusXM DJ, and philanthropist to her credits, started her career with the platinum-selling hit song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the film, Reality Bites. As a trailblazing independent artist, Loeb was the first pop musician to have a number one single while not signed to a recording contract. Throughout her career, she has had several hit singles from six albums, two of which were certified gold. In the last three years, Loeb has released three children’s albums, exclusive to Amazon including her 2018 album, Feel What U Feel, earning her the GRAMMY for “Best Children’s Album.”

As an actor, Loeb’s recent film and television appearances include Community, Netflix’s Fuller House, GEICO’s “Claims Audition,” Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Orange is the New Black. She also voices commercials, including spots for Alfa Romeo, Chili’s, CNN, and Uber Eats.

In 2008, inspired by her love of summer camp, Loeb started The Camp Lisa Foundation. The camp provides a pathway for underserved kids to attend summer camp where they can sing songs, play sports, make friends, and do arts and crafts, all while learning about community, sharing, empathy, and having fun.

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