Adaptive Instrument Accessory to Make NAMM Show Debut

Elizabeth Dale

The Mellin sisters, Kerry, Merrily, and Wendy invented the EaZyHold to help “maintain independence through adversity.” The adaptive accessory has limitless applications to provide its users with the means to remain and gain independence to continue to play a musical instrument. The invention will make its NAMM Show debut this June in Anaheim.

In 2014, Kerry was working on her ranch in Simi Valley, California, when a thumb injury prevented her from completing the tasks at hand, namely sweeping out a barn. As a self-described lifelong cowgirl, it was shocking to Kerry that something as small as a thumb injury could hinder her entire way of life. Determined to finish the job, Kerry grabbed some duct tape and made a loop across the broom’s handle, slipping her injured hand inside. The new alternative setup allowed her to sweep while maintaining control of the broom with minimal grip, and more importantly, she was able to work pain-free. Like most inventors, a proverbial lightbulb went off for Kerry, and she began thinking of all the people who may be encountering a similar problem.

While the EazyHold may have been developed to aid people in accomplishing some of the most basic tasks, its customers quickly began sharing photos and videos showcasing how the product adapted to have applications in assisting them in playing their instruments. Kerry and her sisters became convinced of the product's further applications when they witnessed the EazyHold assisting musicians. The EazyHold was being used to hold everything from violin bows to ring bells, increase participation in drum circles, and helping children play rainsticks to maracas, shakers, xylophones, and more. Through application, it has become apparent that the EazyHold was providing easily adaptable solutions to retrofit musical instruments to allow people with grip disabilities and finger and limb loss an opportunity to make music.

EZ Hold

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  • As a stroke survivor, I lost the ability to play my violin, so my therapist suggested I try EazyHold. I am now, slowly, able grip the bow and relearn to play.”


  • I've used the EazyHold with a number of clients - from children through adults - and it really is fabulous for helping them grip mallets, shakers, rhythm sticks(etc.) independently. It's so versatile and comfortable. They're easy to carry with me, easy to sanitize, and hard to break. I am really grateful they're available!

    Rachael Willeke (West Music, Director of Music Therapy

  • EazyHold has been a game-changer in music education classrooms, music therapy practices and services, and for practicing musicians. In my role, I look for products for the general music/K-8 music realm but also, I search for accessories that will allow more players the ease of accessibility for percussion and other instruments to help them play now and play for life. The Eazyhold does just that!

    Tereasa Evans (West Music, Music Education Consultant for Percussion)

  • “I’m really proud of my child for choosing to try something new and not giving up. Thanks to tools like EazyHold, Grayson can participate in Orchestra lessons at school, something she has looked forward to all year.”

    Kira Charlton (Parent)

EazyHold and the Mellin sisters will be participating in their first NAMM Show this June, and they are determined to bring inclusive, all ability products to the mainstream marketplace. Kerry says, “I am so looking forward to attracting this new community of musicians, buyers, distributors, and retailers who would benefit from supporting an inclusive marketplace. Our goal is to represent all children and adults more fully in the industry and help grow the marketplace year after year. Inclusion is not a hard thing to accomplish when adaptive tools are accessible. That is what is going to be great about The NAMM Show - we will have the opportunity to have a booth solely dedicated to music tools that make playing instruments possible for everyone.” 

As a new exhibitor, Kerry has been blown away by the outpouring of support from the industry. When asked for advice for new exhibitors considering attending the show, she shared her experience working alongside NAMM for the first time. “When I have had questions or concerns about the process or an event, all it takes is a quick e-mail, and all my questions are answered. It doesn’t feel like we are just one of many at The NAMM Show, but it feels like we are being welcomed into a big musical family. There is nothing to be intimidated about exhibiting at The NAMM Show. What are you waiting for? Join NAMM and exhibit,” says Kerry.

For more information on the EaZyHold, please visit and be sure to attend The 2022 NAMM Show to see all of the amazing products. For information about attending or exhibiting at The 2022 NAMM Show, please visit /thenammshow/2022/attend.