The NAMM Show Provides a Platform for New Businesses to Enter the Industry

Elizabeth Dale

Last month, 2-Ocean Industries made its official debut at The NAMM Show. Strategically announcing the new business to the marketplace at The NAMM Show was an intentional step by the company’s Founder and President, Greg Johnson.

The NAMM Member company is a distributor of music accessories and electronic components ranging from connectors of all sorts to pro audio equipment and high-quality instrument straps. Johnson has always dreamed of owning his own business. After serving in the Army and working corporate and government jobs, in 2020, he finally acquired the financial means to start 2-Ocean Industries.

Retrospectively, 2020 was one of the most challenging times in modern history to start a new business venture. However, Johnson harnessed the trials of the global pandemic to focus on his lifelong dream and complete all the necessary paperwork and logistics to establish 2-Ocean. Once everything was in order, he recognized one of the critical steps in creating a foothold in the industry was to join NAMM and exhibit at The NAMM Show.

While hosting a booth at the show takes a bit of planning and preparation, Johnson reported that one of the biggest perks is “exposure to many different types of other businesses and an opportunity to get to know and make connections with others throughout the industry.” We caught up with him at his booth, where he said, “Because I’m a brand-new company, only founded about 18 months ago, this is my launch. I was hoping my launch would be previously, like maybe January, but things changed, and it is meant to happen now. So being here [at The NAMM Show] is very important to me.”

We also asked Johnson what advice he would give prospective first-time exhibitors hoping to exhibit and bring their brand to the industry at a NAMM Show. He said, “Research all the costs and understand your booth size before the show. I suggest completing a mock-up at your place of business before the show as it helps you know exactly how much product you can comfortably accommodate.”

NAMM offers numerous solutions for companies of all sizes. Johnson and 2-Ocean Industries will be embarking on their second year of exhibiting at the show in April 2023 at The NAMM Show. 

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