The Industry Crossroads

What do a piano retailer, a music educator, a retail software expert and a mariachi musician have in common? They will all be at The NAMM Show — and ready to meet you.
There’s no better way to witness the musical contributions of women than being at the premier awards night that honors female innovators and their unique contributions to the industry.
Anyone who has attended The NAMM Show can relate to the fact that we subconsciously look at the crowd to see what level of industry participation is taking place. The question is: Is there truly a trend to discern with attendance, and is it an accurate forecast of the future?
Many people know Brian Hardgroove from his years as the bassist, performing and recording with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Public Enemy (PE). However, few realize he was a consultant for a major suite of recording studios in Midtown Manhattan, appropriately named Manhattan Center Studios.
Immersive audio: It’s been around in various forms for years. But something’s different this year for immersive audio, and The NAMM Show is all over it.
NAMM member, GPU Audio, will harness the power of The NAMM Show this April to mold the future of audio with its unique presence in Anaheim.
I’m not just the marketing manager at NAMM. I’m a guitarist, keyboardist, producer, engineer, and former tour manager. When I explore The NAMM Show, I’m never focused on any one product community. I’m looking for ways to connect multiple pieces of gear. 
From studio technology advancements to live sound issues, artist development, and business topics to simply making a good living in music, NAMM’s TEC Tracks is an information power resource for music professionals.
I don’t remember many moments in my life - my first taste of ice cream or my first time driving a car. But I sure remember my first time attending The NAMM Show.
The NAMM Show is home to a diverse array of education and training to ensure professionals and rising talent remain at the top of their game. The 2023 NAMM Show will host a suite of educational sessions presented by Allen & Heath geared toward pro audio professionals to take their live console training to the next level.
Established in 1962 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, by Hideo Matsushita, the NAMM Member celebrated its 60th anniversary in producing high-quality audio for everyone.
The Adam Hall Group and its brand, Cameo®, played an integral part in the Queen’s Jubilee celebration earlier this summer. The NAMM Member and its products were critical in producing a dynamic and visually stunning event for the world to see.