Noteflight and Its Community of Music Makers Achieve Milestone

Elizabeth Dale

Noteflight, LLC of Boston, Massachusetts, is “dedicated to reinventing the way people create, share, teach, buy and sell written music.” Recently, the NAMM Member expanded this community to serve over 7,000,000 music makers – a new milestone – as it continues to develop “the world’s largest community of music writers and readers.”

Noteflight offers its members a unique music notation editor and playback technology as its primary service that “lets written music take advantage of the full power of the web as we know it today.” The full-featured application allows users to display, edit, and play back music notation in a standard web browser and offers an integrated online library of musical scores that anyone can publish, link to, or embed.

Getting Started with Noteflight

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Founded in 2008 and acquired by Hal Leonard, the world’s largest print music publisher, in 2014, the company recognized the potential for growth in the notation software market. As a result, it sought ways to improve applications for writing music. Noteflight embarked on this process with three main objectives:

Make it easy to create and share written music online:
Noteflight believes that “people who make music – amateurs and professionals, students and teachers – want to share that music with others.” Noteflight's software developers strived to create a product that allowed users to upload their work to the Internet quickly, using inspiration from browser-based applications that make it easy to create and publish word-processing and spreadsheets online.

Empower developers to build a new world of music and educational applications:
Applications are traditionally thought of as tools for users to achieve their goals. Taking this notion further, Noteflight developed an application that serves as a "building block" which can be combined "in ways their creators never imagined." The school of thought is that any user should be able to extend, reorganize, and use built-in capabilities without needing to change the existing code to expand the software's capabilities.

Encourage a vibrant community of users by keeping the basics free:
Simply put, the team at Noteflight strongly believes in creating accessible software for all music makers. They prescribe to the idea that “basic software shouldn’t cost that much either to products or to use, and improvements should be available constantly.” The NAMM Member has harnessed its diverse and large community of users to achieve this goal.

John Mlynczak, Vice President of Music Education and Technology for Hal Leonard, said, “We are thrilled to have continuously grown every day. We will continue to expand our musical offerings to give our seven million users, and the next seven million, the best online music creation, sharing, and assessment experience possible.”

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