The NAMM Show - June 2, 2022
Retail Financial Summit
Anaheim Hilton, Level 4 • 1–4 pm

An immersion into financial strategies, trends and updates to grow your business

This half-day workshop will provide the critical financial training all music retailers need to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, while looking at new trends and developments that are certain to impact your business. Get answers to your most pressing financial questions, and discover new solutions and insight to help you make the most of 2022 and beyond

Featured Hosts: Alan Friedman and Daniel Jobe

The Retail Financial Summit will be presented by industry financial gurus Alan Friedman and Daniel Jobe of Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. These NAMM U veterans have more than 60 combined years of experience in the financial management of music retailers, manufacturers and recording studios. They’re past presenters at NAMM U’s Retail Training Summit, Retail Boot Camp, NAMM Idea Center and Breakfast Sessions.


Managing music product inventory is tough enough during the best of times and economic normality. But the daily challenges of acquiring, managing, selling and reacquiring product have become exacerbated during the pandemic. If this sounds all too familiar, join industry financial oracles Alan Friedman, CPA, and Daniel Jobe, and discover how to navigate this new world in a first-ever half-day workshop that’s free to all NAMM members.

Knowing there are critical lessons to be learned, Friedman and Jobe reached out to hundreds of music retailers, manufacturers and other industry professionals to get a clear read on what’s currently happening in the supply chain. With timely data in hand, coupled with sage advice on inventory management, they’ll present a can’t-miss workshop designed for anyone in music retail. Get an up-close look at what’s going on in the supply-chain world of musical products, and find out how to help mitigate the effect of delivery delays in our post-pandemic era.


Thursday, June 2

12:30 - 1 PM

Doors Open

1 - 4 PM

Retail Financial Summit

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