Greet Your Customer

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<p>This is the customer&#39;s&nbsp;first contact, both with the store and with an individual Sales Associate.&nbsp; There should be an initial greeting to&nbsp;acknowledge that the customer has entered the store;&nbsp;there also needs to be a more personal greeting that shows the customer that there is someone to assist them.</p> <p><strong>The &ldquo;10-Second Rule&rdquo;</strong><br /> Consider the customer&#39;s first 10 seconds in your store as the time that person&nbsp;spends making a&nbsp;quick decision about your company.&nbsp; Make sure someone offers at least a general greeting, even if from a distance (although we like the idea of a greeter at the front of the store, if possible). This 10 Second Rule is just the preview before the selling process begins.</p> <p>Now let&rsquo;s look at sales engagement using Participative Selling.</p> <p><strong>The &ldquo;2-Minute Rule&rdquo;</strong><br /> Within 2 minutes of the customer&nbsp;entering your store,&nbsp;let them know you are available to assist them. <em>Never&nbsp;ask &ldquo;Can I help you?&rdquo;&nbsp;</em>because this question will always get a conditioned response.&nbsp; Instead, use&nbsp;a phrase&nbsp;such as&nbsp;&ldquo;Thank you for coming in today&rdquo; or something similar, and then wait a few seconds for a response.&nbsp; Some customers feel like they will need more space;&nbsp;others&nbsp;will need immediate assistance. Your job is to help them feel &ldquo;recognized&rdquo; and to be available to them during the greeting.</p> <p>To develop a stronger bond, introduce yourself to the customer and&nbsp;ask&nbsp;their name if you don&#39;t know it already.&nbsp; People value those who remember who they are by name;&nbsp;we all want to feel important.&nbsp; When was the last time someone cared enough in a retail environment to find out your name and introduce themselves to you?&nbsp; That, very simply, is&nbsp;the value.&nbsp; And what&rsquo;s scarce is valuable. Your greeting&nbsp;can make the difference between a sale and a walk.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>